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              Talent Concept
              Chinatex has more than 13,000 employees. The company always regards talents as the first resource of the enterprise, upholds the concept of talents revitalizing the enterprise, and establishes systematic talent introduction, training and development mechanism to promote the specialization, professionalization, marketization and internationalization of the company's talents, and strive to build first-class talents to meet the strategic goals of becoming the world's leading cotton trader and supplier. merchants.
              Training and Development
              Chinatex pays attention to the development and cultivation of talents and strives to build a learning organization. The training is guided by strategy, based on the post system and employee performance management system, taking count of potential development simultaneously, establishing a hierarchical and classified training and development system, creating a learning ecosystem that combines online and offline training, and continuously improving human capital value, to help employees grow and progress. The company actively explores internal trainers through inviting excellent employees from all fields give lectures on the stage to create a learning and upward working atmosphere.
              Recruitment Information
              We sincerely invite talents from all fields to join Chinatex, we will provide you a platform to show your talent and are willing to create brilliance with you.